Air Handlers


Ray's Emergency Air is a full service air conditioning and heating or HVAC service company. We install the top brands of air handlers. We service the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex. Our service technicians are highly trained and motivated to give you the best customer service available. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that the installation of your new air conditioning, furnace, air purification or heating system is done to your satisfaction. How well a system operates and how long it lasts depends mainly on how it was installed.

As we say, try us, you may wish you had.

What is an Air Handler?

An air handler is designed to condition and circulate the air, varying its speed based on your home’s heating and cooling requirements. It gives you a consistent level of quiet comfort and saves energy in the process. It is smart technology for better air. A Comfort Advisor can stop by your home at your convenience to determine the best integrated air handler system for your home. There are many variables including the geographic location, size of home, number of windows to name a few.

  • Quiet operation
  • Communicating models available
  • Variable speed blower motor
  • Efficient operation

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