Ray's Emergency Pest Control


We are proud to announce that Ray's Emergency now offers Pest Control Services!

Ray's Emergency Pest Control is an innovative pest control company with a unique desire to understand, meet and solve any pest and termite management needs. Using the most relevant, advanced and safe products, standards and methods we will be sure to eradicate any pest problems. We are available to service commercial businesses, residential homes, hospitals, schools, campuses, and any food handling establishments.



Pest Control

Many types of insects, bugs and spiders can be a nuisance, threat or potentially damaging to your home or business. We have a variety of methods and tools to help secure your place of business or your valuable home!


Rodent Control

A large rat only needs the size of a quarter to get inside your home or business. A mouse needs only a dime sized hole or smaller, and they are inside. We have the trained eye to spot any potential compromise to your valued structure!


Termite Control

Every year termites cause thousands of dollars in damage to our establishments because they are built out of the very thing that they feed on! We will inspect, diagnose, and prescribe proper treatment for your specific needs.

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