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Ray's Emergency A/C Repair: Go For The Best at The Job

You just bought this brand new air conditioning unit and it feel good watching it do the job is meant to efficiently, most especially when the scorching summer sun comes bearing down on you. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have at this point in time.

After prolonged usage, it’s bound to develop issues and possibly drill a hole in your pocket if proper care is not taken. Air condition problems will most often than not, arise if you don't take the maintenance seriously. It could break down when you most need it, or even start blowing out poor quality air.

But maintaining it, could save you a whole bunch of cash and lengthen the life of the equipment and also maintain a check of electrical power usage too. Being dutifully in contact with an A/C repair company is essential to help you with specific tasks, which, when carried out, could prevent it from breaking down incessantly.

Lots of residents generally encounter an issue when the A/C system starts to fall short of its service. For that reason, a choice needs to be made in between changing your A/c system and paying for A/c repairs. What you should consider when making a choice boils down to age, efficient, and state of the A/c system. If you choose to go with an A/C repair, you might want to find an ideal A/c repair company to deliver just what you require.

The factors to put into consideration when choosing an A/C repair company are as follows:

Company's Dependability

A company that has the capacity of delivering quality service will sure offer many services. The company will be poised to deal with all the requirements consisting of A/c installation, its maintenance, and also A/C repairs. With such services on the table, it's safe to say that such a company will be highly dependable. They will be able to give quality advice regarding the right time to do an A/c repair, or better still install a brand new one. The company will likewise provide maintenance that is very important for smooth running of the system in an efficient manner.

Solution Providers

The most effective A/C repair company provides great options that deal with damaged or curved fans, damaged condensers, unclean fans, filthy condensers as well as loosened compressors. They will also repair loosened & busted belts, high or reduced refrigeration level, sticky valves, pumps that are not in good shape and damaged compressors.

License and Insurance Policy

It is necessary to select an A/c repair company that has a license and an insurance policy in place. I bet you wouldn't want to involved a local A/C repair company without a license, taking into consideration that permit is a standard indication of a company's capability to deliver on its promises. On the other hand, an insurance policy cover helps to protect you in case injury occurs within the premises. As a result, you will not be held liable to cater for the injuries.

Additionally, in instance the system break down while in the hands of the maintenance and repair company, you can be confident that you will certainly be on the safe side where an insurance policy cover does exist.


As you seek solution to your air Condition problems, it is essential to think about the price. Saving money on your A/C repairs is of utmost important. Nevertheless, you need to be very carefully to stay clear of choosing an air condition repair company based upon price alone, so you don’t get ripped off on the altar of low pricing while they deliver low quality service.


While a few companies have made their services accessible as of late, numerous organizations that have worked for quite a long time are still one of the best choices. Why? This is just in light of the fact that, having been in the business for a long while, they have officially experienced, and unraveled, diverse sorts of ventilating issues in numerous family units and workplaces. They have most likely depleted the distinctive conceivable outcomes and have likewise discovered answers for them. Else, they would have not stayed long in the business.

Highly Efficient Technicians

You should not be reluctant to get some information about the capabilities of the specialists of the company you want to hire. Actually, you should never contract one if you have not asked this essential question yet. Knowing the licenses and training foundations of the professionals who might handle your a/c unit won't just give you genuine feelings of serenity that they can do the job quite well , however, it will guarantee that they are experts who won't do anything that may cost them their licenses.

Get more information about their responsive time, even from your first call to their office, how friendly and effective they are in receiving customers’ calls. You wouldn’t want to have anything to do with hostile staff.

Quality Service Program

Try not to be tricked by discounts and uncommon offers. Continuously search for the base program that they can offer. While a few organizations can fool you with huge discounts, recall that a quality maintenance system will really spare you all the more over the long haul.

Guarantees are critical. This simply means they are resolved to serve you until you are full fulfilled.

Ray's Emergency Air?

Forget the hypes on the pages of the newspapers; forget the ads you see on web pages, a large chunk of A/c repair companies are in there for the money, rather than deliver quality service as stipulated in their promises to potential customers; all done to win them over.

But it shouldn’t be so.

That’s why a top notch A/c repair company in the heart of Dallas has risen to the occasion by raising the bar in quality service delivery, much to the admiration of her customers.

At Ray Emergency Air, we take pride in handling your A/C repair and maintenance for you home and workplace, across the city of Dallas.

Ray Emergency Air provides a guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry. We are confident of the kind of quality service at our disposal; so, don’t blame us when we make such claim, it merely stems from the fact that we deliver on the job, and on time too.

Why Us?

It's essential to us that you feel totally comfortable choosing us as your local A/c repair company. Here are a couple of reasons why you should pitch tent with us.

  • Up-front budget-friendly pricing.
  • We offer high quality service to both residential & commercial Customers.
  • We provide a complete air conditioning & maintenance service.
  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Free Estimates & consultations at no cost.
  • We critically assess the status quo and provide you with the best solution forthwith.
  • We always deliver at every instance and right on time too, to give you the most riveting experience you could ever ask for.
  • And most importantly, we create room for a good customer relationship.

What are you still waiting for? We will be glad to have you on board!


We're available 24/7 365 days a week. Request for an appointment to be set up and we will get back with you to confirm.